Troncones, Mexico

Life here is generally pretty slow paced and laid back. With only about 400 or so full time residents, a number which nearly doubles in the “On” season, we can surely be classified as a small village. Much of the local income comes either from tourism or related work. There is still a core of farmers, ranchers and fishermen however that keep us in fresh produce & fresh caught seafood.

Troncones has an amazing array of restaurants for being a small community! Of course Seafood (Mariscos) and Fish (Pescado) are our specialties but you can also find delicious steaks, marvelous cafes, wood oven pizzas, Mediterranean influenced dishes, incredible BBQ ribs and so much more. Many of these are just a short walk from Villa Festiva.

Surfing, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, fishing, yoga classes, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding or just walking our miles of pristine beaches. Staying active in Troncones isn’t about finding something to do, it is more about finding time to do it all. We don’t roll up our sidewalks when the sun goes down either. Many restaurants and hotels offer entertainment in the evenings like live music, dancing and other special events.

At Villa Festiva,we think you will fall as much in love with our town as you will our beautiful home!